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Safer Parenting

Aim for Net Zero abuse
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Legal services and rolling support for disadvantaged parents with restricted abilities or difficulties

Every year we give hundreds of disadvantaged parents the opportunity to take their case back into Family Court, or prevent children being needlessly placed into arms of unrelated strangers

We simply aim for children to learn about love and protection from their natural parents


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We work with families involved in Family Court and Social Care proceedings, preparing reports, assessments and statements for disadvantaged parents with Language or learning difficulties

By coordinating with Experts, Professionals, several Police Forces, Law Firms and a few local authorities throughout the UK, we are making monumental progress in stabilising family relationships, protecting the poorest, most vulnerable children have made some communities safer places to raise a family

Parenting Together is a Registered Charity number 1149523

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Returning children to their natural family

Low-income ≠ high-risk

Where children live determines their vulnerability

Professional support

                   ID number: FR.ID-127023   Award winning Legal Services provider   Diversity award winning research and community development

Reducing the child suicide crisis

Community support

Tackling unrecorded crimes against vulnerable adults and children

Linking victims to the appropriate service

The vast majority of young people in high-crime regions are too afraid to report offences

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Parenting Together Ltd is also a Social Enterprise, Not for Profit Organisation(NPO), UK reg: 6796387

Stability 4 Children

Stability4c awarded Legal service of the year, 2023




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