Professional services and community support for Learning Difficulties parents with young children, involved in Family Court proceedings

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Parenting Together mission statement: We pledge to safeguard and improve quality of life for Learning Difficulties parents with young children, particularly in areas of high crime and poverty




The charity earned its reputation as Parenting Together Ltd registered in Bradford, 2012, now ranked in the top 1% for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, throughout the UK


Scammers on social media may claim to represent our charity and try to exploit vulnerable children and parents, please check






Advice and options

Please tell us your story, we may be able to help and explain what options are available to you: 0777 3722 767 (8 am to 8 pm, 7 days)


Denied Access

Access denied by a parent is a very serious child protection issue. Perpetrators always ask how often their victims see their dad. New partners and resident parents perpetrate 86 - 95% of all domestic abuse. Emotional damage done to these children is latent, surfacing after the adolescence stage



Exposing false evidence and corruption

Money is the most common reason for corrupting evidence. Local Authorities are essentially Political and the appointed officials often prejudice and favour people accordingly
Some have financial interests in placing children needlessly into Care for their value to Local children’s homes or listed with fostering and adoption agencies. Others have their own personal reasons to keep children away from protective parents

Justice and Politics

More than 80% of parents today will never meet their grandchildren. We know this from living in regions where Equality polarises us and Diversity fragments us. Children living in regions without prejudice or favour towards them are much happier, healthier, safer, content and sociable. We will challenge these injustices and disadvantages by citing Precedents and statisticts from our award winning research, work experience and MA qualifications


Criminal Court cases

The Political and financial incentives to destroy family relationships inevitably leads to unlawful activities. Grooming Gangs are a prime example of this. In cases of Historical abuse we can provide an Expert Witness Report on behalf of victims in a no-win-no-fee with a Solicitor firm offering the same arrangement

Compensation Claims

If anyone maliciously or negligently causes harm to you or your family we will help you to process a compensation claim. Naturally there are some terms and conditions that must be met, so please get in touch or leave a message


Litigate in Person

Prepare your case for a Judge and train for Family Court proceedings with our interactive, live, on-line meetings on how to ask and answer questions, recognise such as conjecture, speculation and misdirection

Expert Witness

Expert Witness testimony, assessments and courses add validation to your Case
An Expert Witness Report needs permission from the Judge. A Social Care Review is also very time consuming and can be included as evidence in support of your Case. A Testimony on behalf of your child can be written from on-line interviews with the parent(s) or from text written by parent(s)


CSA Scammers

As a nation, we are polarised by gender and segregated by Race
Individual children and their parents suffer the consequences, irreparable trauma, depression and emotional damage

Parenting Assessment

Parenting assessments to assist your Case
It can be an on-line interview with the parent(s) or from responses written by parent(s)


Children's Rights Advocate

Every child is entitled to an independent Expert Testimony presenting their wishes and favourable outcomes to the Court, including their Rights to engage in caring family relationships. Serial offenders target single parents with fatherless children

Professional Risk Assessment

When anyone criticises your past as a way of preventing contact with your children, we may be able to challenge accusations against you by providing a professional Risk Assessment.


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