2006, Bradford, a group parents began sharing information with other parents having children at the same school. 2008, Parenting Together Ltd registered as a Social Enterprise, not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee

2012, we registered a charity, 1149523 keeping the Parenting Together Ltd, name that earned a local reputation for integrity, compassion and professionalism

2020, the charity received almost 2,000 enquiries and assisted parents in more than 650 Family Court Cases

June 2021, The Charity Trustees agreed to focus exclusively on parents with language and learning difficulties

A private company, Stability4c Ltd began as a way of supporting low-income parents without language or learning difficulties also providing Expert and Professional services they need but could not otherwise afford

We work in the Family Courts and Social Care systems, preparing reports, assessments and statements for vulnerable parents with Language or learning difficulties

By coordinating with Experts, Professionals, several Police Forces, Law Firms and a few local authorities throughout the UK, we are making monumental progress in stabilising family relationships, protecting the poorest, most vulnerable children and helping to make communities safer places to raise a family

Parenting Together is a Registered Charity number: 1149523

We prevent the unnecessary and unlawful removal of children from their parent(s)


For low-income parents

Child safety and emotional stability

Professional support for low-income parents and abuse survivors

07522 755 100 (8 am to 8 pm) or email: info@stability4c.com




Professional service providers

Stability4c awarded Legal service of the year, 2023


False Allegations


Parental Alienation


Parenting Assessment

Safeguarding Course

Self Litigants